30 before 30 List

So I have seen a few people blogging about 30 before 30 lists…

Here is mine… I will update as I complete 🙂

  1. Get married
  2. Buy a house
  3. Get 50 followers on my blog 🙂
  4. Get to my goal weight!
  5. Take part in the race for life and or the Moon walk again
  6. Try and build up my crafting knowledge
  7. Do something crafty at least once a week
  8. Grow my own veggies
  9. Read more
  10. Have a cocktail on a deserted sandy beach! 
  11. Go on a spontaneous trip!
  12. See my friends and family more- celebrate my 30th with a big party!
  13. Cook a meal from scratch at least once a month
  14. Bake more cakes and cookies
  15. Do more volunteer work
  16. Complete my family tree ( well as far back as I can!!)
  17. Take part in 100 happy days
  18. keep learning from the children I teach and the people I work with
  19. Train my House Bunnies to do new trick once a month
  20. Buy a family car
  21. Start / complete a further education course
  22. Snorkel with pretty fishes! 
  23. Drink champagne in a jacuzzi 
  24. Buy a Pandora Charm Bracelet and make sure each charm has a real meaning
  25. Create a scrap book of special moments
  26. Learn new blogging techniques
  27. learn to crochet and knit properly!
  28. Help to train other people to Teach
  29. Watch the sun rise / set on a tropical island with a special some one 🙂 
  30. Go hiking more

Hummmm… This looks like a lot to do! Better get started! hehe!

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