Fitbit One

Got a new fitness toy to play with today!

I am hoping it will help me with my fitness and Goal weight 🙂 Also links to my 30 before 30!

It is a Fitbit One, I have been doing lots of research on activity trackers over the past year to see which one was right for me. Today I decided!

I liked this one because it links to my fitness pal and the map my fitness apps which I currently use. The Fitbit one also tracks your sleep – this will be an interesting one for me as I know that my current sleep is not good!

One element that I wasn’t sure on was the size of the tracker, I was between this one and the Fitbit Zip. Here is a picture of the tracker next to my ring – it will give you a bit of an idea as to how tiny this little tracker is! I have also added a picture of the tracker in it’s little holder 🙂

In the pack with the Fitbit one you get :-

  1. The tracker
  2. Its little housing case so it can clip to you
  3. A USB charger
  4. A USB Bluetooth dongle to connect the Fitbit one to your computer
  5. The carrier that straps the Fitbit one to your wrist to track your sleep

I will post updates with how I get on with it 🙂


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