Mr Snowman – Christmas pressie!

Here is a Christmas pressie that I made for my Nan and Grandad….they never really want anything for Christmas or birthdays so I thought this could be a little ornament for Christmas!

Here is what i used to make him:-

  • DAS  white air drying clay – 1/4 of a 1kg packet,
  • A cocktail stick to hold his head on!
  • Black bead for his eyes, mouth and buttons
  • A long orange bead for his carrot nose!
  • Brown pipe cleaners for his arms
  • Red and green pipe cleaner for his little scarf!

I think he is very cute and only took me 10 mins to make….just waiting for him to dry so that I can wrap him up ready for his journey to his new home tomorrow!

Mr Snowman update!!

He went to his new house today! My Nan and Grandad loved him! He is pride of place on their mantle-piece! 

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