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Wedding Invites

I’m a little bit late posting this as well we got married just over a year ago….opps!

I wanted to create my own Wedding invites partly because it worked out ALOT cheaper than paying a company to design and make them for us, I wanted them to be personalised, and I love crafting things!

I used handmade paper as the cover for our invitations. In the paper was rose petals and buds which I felt reflected the natural/ floral/  rustic kinda theme of our wedding. I used my Cameo to cut out the invitations… this saved me cutting them out but my Cameo DID NOT like it! it fund the paper very tricky to cut through and i went through about 3 or 4 blades but it was about 150 invitations! wpid-2015-08-12-15.15.48.jpg.jpeg

Inside the the invitation was the official invitation which was written from my parents and to the right of this was a little pocket contacting key info – lots of guests said how much they liked the information in the pocket as we had done quite a bit of the hard work for them and it meant we didn’t get lots of phone calls and emails asking about information. I also created a Wedding website which had all the information about the wedding so if guests lost the invitation they could always look it up online.wpid-2015-08-12-15.16.26.jpg.jpeg

The key information that we included was :-

  •  A map showing how to get to the venue from the nearest motorway, nearest train station, bus station etc
  • Local Taxi companies – we had also called these companies and tried to get a few deals for guests if they were used
  • Hotels around the area that guests might like to stay in – my partner and I inspected all the hotels before hand to make sure they were OK! Again we did a few block bookings which meant guests got a bit of a discount – be aware though some hotels will want payment from you up front to do this, luckily we managed to avoid hotels that did this!
  • R.S.V.P – this could be used as an R.S.V.P but also had key contact information and the wedding website where guests could R.S.V.P. We also created a wedding email account – this meant our own inboxes didn’t get clogged up with wedding companies emailing and key emails didn’t get lost in our everyday emails.
  • Gift list – we did a mini Gift list but mainly asked for money towards our honey moons as we had been living together for a few years so have most things that we need already 🙂

My favorite part of the invitations was the Wax seal that I had made for us. It has our names and the date of our wedding on. This I have kept as a lovely memento and also used on our thank you cards 🙂  everyone loved the Wax seal – it was quite funny watching people opening the invitation and trying not to break the seal as they felt it was too pretty!  When I originally thought about using the seal i looked at lots of different ways to create the seal I purchased  a wax gun which was very much like a glue gun, but found this really didn’t work. The wax set to quickly ad got stuck in the gun and just looked awful. Our best man then created a metal ring and brought round a ladel – My partner and his best man then spent the next 2 days making the wax seals for me – bless them! they came out beautifully there was just the small problem of when they used a candle to heat up the wax it kinda smoked the room out,… but i think they secretly enjoyed themselves!! Haha!


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