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What to Pack in a Labour bag…

2015-10-05 14.18.51.jpgWhen I was pregnant I kept trying to pack my labour bag but was never sure what to put in it exactly… Then I was told that I was going to be induced the following week which meant the bag HAD to be packed and QUICK!

I thought I would write down what I had in mine as it might help some one else 🙂

Mum’s Bag

  • 2 sets of p.j’s / nighties that are easy to nurse in if you are planning on breast feeding – I found this one great due to the poppers ( again for feeding!) – don’t forget there will be lots of checks down under so a nightie is quite useful in these situations! Trouser p.j’s I used for after birth and was easier.
  • Slippers that are easy to get on and off again 🙂
  • a couple of nursing bras (don’t forget to get measured as you will probably go up a size when your milk comes in)
  • Due to being induced I took in lots of different activities as I though (how wrong was I!) that I would have time waiting around for things to happen (Haha!). I had adult colouring books, magazines, crossword puzzles etc, my Hudl with games and bits loaded onto it, my phone had a few new audio books downloaded onto it and my kindle with lots of new books.
  • Nipple shields – There is are lots of different views on nipple shields I decided to buy some from Amazon they were cheaper than the high street and they came with a handy travel case! Some people say that they interfere with breast feeding as there is plastic between Mum and Baby. But I have to say they saved my breast feeding relationship as my son had a problem with his latch, without these we would have had to go onto the bottle 😦
  • Maternity towels – I found that my hospital only gave me enough for after labour and then I was expected to have my own (luckily I did!)
  • Paper underwear or old Underwear! You don’t want to be wearing your best after labour!
  • Dressing gown – to keep you nice and warm!
  • Wash bag – I brought miniature toiletries – shampoo. conditioner, body wash and moisturiser (to spoil myself!) Then in  a slightly bigger one I had my face wipes, makeup (for the after photos and visitors- only concealer and mascara though!), hair brush, mini mirror and hair ties.
  • Fluffy socks! Just in case the ward is cold…I get cold feet very easily!
    Going home outfit-something comfortable but that you feel good in I found trousers alot better than a dress don’t forget you will be a bit smaller after baby so elastic is a good choice as you will not know your size completely!
  • Shoes – during pregnancy my feet grew huge so I wore sandals or hubby’s shoes! I decided to keep with Sandals for going home in though!
  • Camera – lots of photos to be taken! We used a waterproof as I had a water birth but it was quite lucky as the poor midwife spilled a jug of water over it the next day!!
  • Snacks for labour and for birthing partner! Lucozade sport I found really helpful during labour and flapjacks, gave good boost of energy and the sports top on the bottle was helpful also.
  • Change for coffee /tea machine just in case!
  • Lip balm – I found my lips got quite dry in the hospital with the dry air.
    If you are planning to breast feed nipple cream…just in case! I love this one

Baby’s bag

  • 3 short sleeve vests
  • 3 baby grows – unfortunately I was told my little man would be over 10lbs….he was 7lbs….he was swamped in his baby grows bless him!! Next time I would buy a smaller size but leave labels on etc so can be taken back if not needed!
  • Hat
  • Baby socks or soft shoes to keep those precious tiny toes warm!
  • Mittens – to stop LO from scratching their face – my little monster found out quite early he could take them off by putting them in his mouth….
  • A couple of baby blankets – a nice one for being passed around different guests for first hugs!
  • Nappies – Now these I did pack micro and first size just in case! Luckily as our hospital only gave us the first one!
  • Baby wipes/cotton wool for changing and cleaning
  • Nappy bags
  • Changing mat -just in case!
  • First teddy! – for piccies!
  • Going home outfit!

Oh! Don’t forget the car seat if you are going home by car (make sure you have played with it and possibly driven with it in the car before the first drive home to get used to how it works and how it may get in your vision when driving!)

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