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Mia Tui – Baby Change bag review

When Looking around  for a change bag I found there were ‘ millions ‘ on the market! From a few pounds up to 100s of pounds. I spent ages looking, I knew that I wanted a very easy to organise bag and one that was quite large to ensure that I could fit everything in (to see what I have in my change check back on Monday!) but, I also wanted a bag that was quite stylish and could be used by me normally/ when baby was older .

My husband found out about the Baby show in London and secretly brought tickets for us ( major brownie points earned!) Whilst going round I was studying ALL the change bags intently!! They were either too small, bulky, no pockets inside or couldn’t be used as a ‘normal’ bag ( I am very fussy about bags, it drives my poor husband mad!). We then came across the MiaTui stall and I fell in love!  Their bag was EXACTLY what I wanted ( happy mummy to- be!)

2015-10-04 19.10.13 (1)

Inside the bag is:-
– 2 x insulated pockets – 1 for you and 1 for Bubba?!
– 2 x big side pockets – wipes / nappies etc – these pockets have poppers on to adjust the depth
– 1 x pocket for your phone with little pockets for pens etc on the front
– 1 x lanyard style clip for purse/keys/baby toy
on the back of the bag is a medium sized zip pocket

2015-10-04 19.09.20.jpg 2015-10-04 19.08.29

You also get :-
– 1 x see through zip bag – nappies?
– 1 x mini clutch style bag – Mummies bits / spare clothes?
– 1 x cross shaped change mat with pockets

2015-10-04 19.04.47.jpg IMG_20151004_175057.jpg

Another feature I like is the MANY handle choices!

  • Long handle
  • 2 short straps
  • Little buggy handle straps

This bag definitely suited my slightly O.C.D needs! But… due to the high price tag I decided to leave it…opps!

Well I continued to look around but no other bag matched up to the Ella so I finally took the plunge and brought it… well now I am SOOOOO glad! I wouldn’t be with out it and so many Mummies comment on it and ask where it is from- One very happy Mumma!


I now have my eye on the Mia Tui Oliva as a work bag – If I manage to twist J’s arm to allow me to buy it I will write a review for that too!

2015-10-04 19.03.18.jpg

(This review is my own I have not been asked by any company to review the product for them)

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