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My new pretty bag!

Well I think I may have a slight obsession with Mia Tui bags! At the Baby Show last Feb I saw the Ella changing bag and fell in love (click here to read my review). Recently I found the Oliva bag which looked like it would be a good ‘mummy bag’. I was correct! It looks stylish and like a normal handbag, but it can fit ALOT inside and still be organised.


For example the other day our little family went out on a trip to see Nanny and Grandad – but Mummy needed to go to a few shops and meet J and O there. This meant that I needed the changing bag for J to use and a bag for me. I also wanted to take some toys for O to keep him entertained in the car and at Nanny and Grandad’s.

Well I started packing my bag with my normal bits….phone, purse etc. and then realised other bits started to appear which I wouldn’t normally have in my bag….teddy, rattles… the joys of being a Mummy! I found the Olivia bag perfect – especially as it uses the Mia Tui organisation that I love!


2015-11-22 15.50.47.jpg
Side view of full bag



Here is a list of everything that was in the bag…

  •  Purse
  • Phone
  • Rain shaker rattle
  • 8 x rainbow juggling scarves
  • Little Elmo shoes – for when O is in the sling if his little feet get cold….I wish they made these in adult size!
  • My Connecta Sling
  • Mr Bunny
  • Spare Muslin
  • 3 different books
  • 2x reusable shopping bags
2015-11-22 15.51.40
Top view of full bag
Quite a lot really – I was pleasantly surprised! It also worked well when I had to go to a wedding and leave my Little man for a whole day for the first time! As I was away the whole day and O is breastfed I had to take my pump and a few bottles with me so I didn’t look like Pamela Anderson by the end of the day! Everything fit in perfectly and I had a lovely stylish bag 🙂 My friend even asked me where it was from and has asked Father Christmas for one this year!

I wonder what my next Mia Tui purchase will be, I might start writing my own list to Father Christmas!?!




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