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My hunt for the perfect sling/ baby carrier…

Ever since O was born he loved to be with Mummy, he wouldn’t sleep with out me or go to anyone else, including Daddy! Although it was lovely having lots of baby huggles 24/7 it did mean that I was stuck on the sofa for over a month….day time T.V can only entertain you so much…!  Every now and then he would go to J for a hug but hated being put down to sleep ( we now know that he had a tight Diaphragm and tummy area) and would scream until he was picked up again. When J went back to work after his parental leave finished, I was left on my own not being able to do a lot (click here to see how I dealt with Cluster feeding) .

I started to visit my local Sure start centre, they were fabulous!  I really recommend that as new parents you get in touch with your local children’s centre, they have a lot of people to help give advice and lots of lovely groups/ clubs to attend. At my centre I found that they had a local Sling library (click here to see where your local library is) visit every two weeks or so.  After speaking to ladies at the Breast Feeding group, I decided a sling would really help O and I to do a bit more during the day, while letting him sleep and get Mummy huggles!


After a discussion with the lovely Sling ladies I decided to borrow an NCT Caboo…

Here is O in the carrier (awwww he was soooo tiny!)

2015-11-22 18.13.10.jpg

Now I did like the NCT caboo but, I did find it very hot! O didn’t like Having his head in the sling as he wanted to be looking around or sleep with his head slightly back (he hates being restrained!) I did a bit of personal research and liked the idea of the Didytai. I tried this on at my next Sling meet and  I did like this carrier but I got all tangled up in the long straps that you have to tie around you (not a good look!)! J will tell you that I am not the most balanced person on my feet sometimes so the hazard of tripping over long ties was not a good idea!


Later that week we had to go back to visit my parents in Surrey and during my research I found out that Connecta have a little shop in Godalming, not too far away from my parents.

Now I had mentioned the Connecta to J before and was met with a very stern NO – That’s FAR too much money! But I managed to convince him to have a browse…just to see! What a lovely shop! We were greeted by a lovely Lady ( sorry I can’t remember her name!) who showed us all the different Slings / carriers that were available and allowed me to try on a few to ensure I was making the right choice (even J tried on a few!). The Connecta felt really comfy similar to the Didytai but no long straps to fall over! It has three simple straps that do up with buckles that can be left tightened to the needed size for quick and easy fitting each time.

We spent about an hour in the shop with O having a feed too – it’s very hungry work trying to find the perfect Baby carrier! But J had been convinced – i’m not sure if the cute Safari print is what convinced him or how comfy and easy it was to use! But we left the shop with a very happy Mummy. An even better bonus was that is was the shop’s birthday so they had a 10% sale, so we left the shop with a happy Daddy too!

2015-11-23 15.32.12.jpg
O in the carrier – you can see the beautiful pattern!



O absolutely loves his Connecta! When he goes in it I get the biggest and cutest smile he can watch Mummy and look around! He often falls asleep in it on our walks, I also secretly love putting on his cute little Elmo shoes on to keep his little feet warm on our cold Winter walks – they look so adorable.

2015-11-23 15.32.49
I really love this photo!



Please remember if you are wanting to use a carrier to follow the Safety TICKS guidelines:-

Image from




















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