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Cheeky Wipes

For a while I have been trying to convince J that cloth nappies will save us lots of money and be a lot better on O’s skin. So far I have not won this battle! But! I have recently convinced J to go down the reusable wipes route (one step closer!).

We worked out that on average we used 2 or 3 wipes on a normal nappy change but sometimes up to 8 or 10 on a dirty bottom! This could mean each change would work out between 4p and 10p on average, doesn’t sound a lot until you think about how many times a day you will change a bottom…at least 5 times a day = up to 50pish…it starts to add up!

Wanting to save money and being quite arty and crafty I started looking into reusable wipes. I thought that I could cut up terry towelling material into squares and use that? But looking into how other people had made their own, they mentioned how the material frays easily and it is best to overlock it. Now this wouldn’t be hard or take too much time…but… I have a 3 month old who doesn’t really like napping for long periods of time on days that end in y… When would I have the time to do this let alone brush my hair?!

I found Cheeky Wipes and thought they were amazing! Although I still liked the idea of making my own, I decided I liked the system of the cheeky wipes and looked into buying cheap flannels and Tupperware boxes from the pound store. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a box that would 1 – fit the wipes and 2 –  be easily opened / closed with one hand ( as the other hand will have a wriggling baby in!). After working out the pricing I would probably end up spending a similar amount of money to the already made for me Cheeky Wipes.

So in the end….I brought the Cheeky Wipes! I am SOOOO glad that I did! They are really easy to set up :-

2015-11-26 22.23.30.jpg
What was in the set including my extra hand / face wipes and extra fresh box.


  • One box for clean (fresh), One box for dirty! Handily pack into each other if you are needing to take them away with you…
  • Fill each box up to the line and add 4 drops of which ever oil you choose to make your wipes /nursery/baby smell prettiful!
  • In the dirty box you need to add the mesh bag – this means you don’t have to touch the dirty wipes ( phew!).
  • With the set you also get fresh and dirty bags to take out with you so you can use the wipes on the go  –  I haven’t used these yet as I am trying to use up all the disposable wipes we have left over first!
2015-11-26 21.57.43
Out and about bags – mucky bag has a handy zip out mesh bag – handy  no poop touching!

I decided to also purchase the hand and face wipes in the rainbow microfibre. They are lovely bright colours and luckily for me there was a deal on at the time I brought them! The  only problem I have found with these is that they can smell a bit musty after a few days- It is recommended that you refresh the wipes and clean them every 3 days or so. But, as there are 15 or so wipes I don’t get through them in 3 days so I have started to use half the wipes but need to work out the amount of water to use as they are either to wet or not wet enough!! I’m sure I will figure it out eventually!


2015-11-26 22.22.08.jpg
Look how well they go with the colour scheme…they must have been made for me!



Now not only do the wipes go beautifully with O’s nursery colours ( how fab)AND make it smell beautiful (O’s bottom also smells lovely!!), I am also  finding that I am only using one wipe each change…for a particularly messy change maybe 3 max?!  This is because the wipes have a much better grip (is that the right word?!) to clean with, I now hate using disposables they feel too slippery and I am sure O’s bottom is a bit red when I use them?

A great way to get rid of any poop stains is to leave the out in the sunlight – this time of the year on the windowsill that gets the most daylight! Poop stains gone in about a day! I have now purchased a second set of the terry squares so that I can have them on rotation – one set drying / sunbathing and the other set being used so we never have to go with out!

J now agrees that they are a lot better than the disposables…now to convince him to take the next step and get reusable nappies ( my friend has lent me some…shhhhh…don’t tell J!).

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