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Lifecake app


I found this app completely by accident the other day! Such a fantastic little app!

Basically its a timeline app for photos and videos of your little bundle/s of joy (who wouldn’t love it?!) No longer do you need to try and squeeze photos into emails or jam up your newsfeed with baby pictures!

You can upload all the photos of your little one/s onto the app which saves into the cloud and the app plots them onto a time line for you using the date the image / video was taken. You can also upload ‘bump’ and scan photos which appear before the birth ( shown as a stalk!). What I really love about the app is that you can share it with family and friends… I have shared mine with O’s great grandparent, grandparents, Aunts and Uncles and his cousins!
It’s very hand as poor Great Nanny and Grandad have only seen O when he was 2 weeks old (sob!) as they live in the Isle of Man, but they are able to see the photos and videos of him and feel more apart of his life in real time.

When you sign up (which is FREE!) you can add your partner (if you want to) as another admin user and then add your family and friends to the account – you can decide how much access you want them to have  – only see media, comment on media, upload media, edit media… It is very user friendly. I love how it allows everyone to make comments on the media that has been uploaded, it almost feels like a family conversation and everyone is involved with O’s milestones. The other day I uploaded a video of O’s first taste of Puree and a photo of his first play date it was so lovely to share these moments instantly with our family and especially with Daddy who was at work 😦

As I previously mention your media is saved in the cloud and can be downloaded by any of your users – Great Nanny and Grandad have lots of pictures of O around their house from the app! You can even create photo books from it- a function I will soon be using me thinks! As a parent and a teacher I am wary of putting O online and only use secure ways of sharing photos etc with this app I feel safe as you have to invite people to view the timeline and they have to have an account with a password.

The app also sends you emails comparing photos, for example last month I got an email with a photo of O at 2 months and 4 months. You don’t often get time to compare photos beside each other and it made my day to see how much he has grown and changed 🙂 In the app you can also create a video where it hops through the time line showing you photos and videos from different time periods – a nice little memento and a great pick me up. I know that when I go back to work in a few weeks I will have this app open constantly!!

If you share the app with your friends you both get some extra space for free too! You may have guessed that I am very fond of this little app and I have no idea how I lived with out it!!!

If there is one app that you should download as a new parent it is most definitely this one!



This review is completely my own opinion I have not been asked to review this app!

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