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Babysitter Box

Today is the first day that I have gone out and left O. J’s Mum and Dad are going to look after him while I have a dental x-ray. The thought of leaving my little man is awful even though it is just for a few hours! To help the grandparents I created a box similar to the Mummy boxes I previously wrote about.

O tends to like being held and probably won’t nap in his beautiful moses basket because things are slightly different for him, which means Nanny and Grandad will be stuck sitting on the sofa with everything out of reach!

Here is what I put into the box:-
– 2 x spare muslin cloths (to wipe up baby spillages)
– Wet wipes ( in case your hands need a wipe)
– T.V Remote ( don’t want to get stuck on a boring channel with the remote just out of reach!)
– Landline phone
– First aid book (hope they would never need this but just in case – puts my mind at rest!)
– First aid how to help your baby if they are chokeing/ not breathing – I was given this as a hand out and after O chocking the first week 3 times I always have this close to hand!
-Mr Bunny -O’s favourite teddy
–  Rattle – To keep him entertained
– Snacks – Just in case you are starving and can’t move due to little person!
– Water bottle- same as above but thirsty!
– Dummy- He doesn’t really tend to take these but just in case!
– Sheet reminding about feed times and amounts
–  Emergency contact numbers
– Doctor and Health visitor name
– Bed time routine with timings


I hope all goes well and that when I get home he is all smiles and so are Nanny and Grandad!

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