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A few top tips that really helped me when planning our wedding!


I thought I would just write a few top tips that I found really helped when I was planning our wedding last year!

Have a wedding notebook –

In this notebook I wrote down everything! Here are a few of the key things that I used it for:-

  • Colours for the wedding -I decided to have pastel colours – pink, blue, green and yellow,
  • The wedding party roles – including the colours they were wearing ( each couple had a different pastel colour),
  • Notes from meetings with people involved with the wedding – including registrar, Venue manager, Make up artist, photographer, Cake lady etc – This was so helpful rather than loads of bits of paper all over the house!
  • A few photos of themes i was inspired by
  • List of songs – always had random songs pop into my head so was helpful to write them down!
  • List of gifts that needed to be brought / made for wedding party/ people who had helped out LOADS!
  • To do lists!
  • Gift list after the wedding – I wrote down who brought / gave us money / gifts
  • Key contacts and dates
  • List of invites written / sent / RSVP’s/ thank you sent
  • Receipts of payments

It was so handy to have all of this written in one place and was basically my bible! Even my partner was happy to know that everything was in THE NOTEBOOK!

Create a Wedding Email account

You go to wedding fares and they want your email address, you talk to possible venues, florists, photographers and they need an email to send you quotes, people may email you their RSVP and you hand them your normal email address…within an hour your mail box is bulging and you don’t know what to delete and what to keep! I created a new email just for our wedding and lots of people commented on what a good idea it was! It meant our normal inboxes didn’t get full every 5 seconds and we knew that anything wedding related was all in one place. It really helped when talking to companies and venues that you no longer wanted to use as it meant that all their emails could easily be sent in the trash….be warned you will be sent HUNDREDS of emails and possibly from companies that you haven’t sent them out to! Also when you sign up to any websites or enter any competitions you we probably be sent random emails from them! even after you have opted out of the mailing list!

Create a Wedding Website

Not a lot of people like ding this but I found it really helpful. It meant that if someone misplaced the invitation they knew that they could find everything online! On our website I put:-

  • A gallery of photos of me and my partner throughout our relationship
  • A mini story about me and James – how we met etc
  • How to get to the venue and a link to the venue’s website
  • A page all about the wedding party – how we met, who they were / role in the wedding and a photo – this meant guests knew who the main people where and it made the wedding party feel a big part of the wedding and special 🙂
  • The wedding menu! Only day time guests could access this but they were able to see the choices on the menu and then email in their choice
  • RSVP section – Email went straight to our wedding email account but it also kept a record of who was coming on the website – the guests couldn’t see this but we could 🙂
  • An area for guests to write any songs that they might like the D.J to play during the evening
  • Places that Guest’s could stay if they wish – including links to the websites

For our Wedding website I used 

One thing I will say….always say yes to help… at the beginning of my planning and making I thought i’ll be fine….. but as it got closer to the day I realised that actually having help was a good thing! I don’t think I was to much of a Bridezilla to my lovely helpers?!

If I think of anything else I will up date this post, but I hope this helps a few people out there!

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