Starting to blog again!

Well last week i wrote a post saying that I was going to try and blog regularly again…then I went on holiday….. then I got ill…..
So… no blogging!

Today I have broken down and I am waiting for a nice RAC man/lady to come and rescue me!!!!
Apparently they will come rescue me in about 2 hours….yawn!
Being rather bored after 4 seconds and realising my mobile will run out of battery fairly soon I decided to go routing through my car to see what I could occupy my self with…
I have played with my new Filofax (a leaving present from work- where i am actually trying to get back to so I can say goodbye 😥 ) and then in my hand bag I found I still had my Hudl and keyboard, safely packed from my holiday! No better time to start catching up with my blog writing than when stranded on the side of the road!

So I am now going to start writing all those Blog post ideas that are taking up room in my Evernote!

Wish me luck!

P.S hopefully they will make sense…I am working on a hours sleep ( ill Hubby and coughing little man) and have only eaten a cake today (still no appetite after horrible buggy luckily!)

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