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Beets BLU Pager Tag review

IMG_20160407_120314.jpgA few weeks ago I received the Beets Blue Pager tag and heart rate monitor to review. This is my HONEST review of The Pager Tag.


The Pager Tag is basicly an upgraded version of the old style keyring that you could attach to your keys so that if you lost them you would know where to find them!

Now the old style key rings where fine as long as….you a) where in range of them and b) you were able to whistle/ could whistle at the right pitch! I tried a few of them and always threw then away as they never helped me to find my keys

So I was a bit sceptical of this product when I first got it but I ALWAYS loose my keys! J and I have spent many a time trying to retrace my steps to work out where I deposited them last! The pager tag is not to big so it is not annoying when it is connected to your keys. I did find the connection dongle a bit fiddly to get onto my keys but other than this I found the product quite handy!


First of all you need to download the app onto your phone and pair with the Paper Tag using Bluetooth. It is easy to check if you pager Tag is working / connected to your phone The images below show the Pager Tag connected and not connected.



Well within the first half an hour of having the Pager Tag I had lost my keys! So I put the Tag to work! You press the sound button on your phone and like magic the Pager Tag starts to beep with a shrill noise, the light also flashes which also help the user to find their keys.

I have found this product really helpful! If you have REALLY lost your keys for example in town or they have fallen out of your bag there is a handy feature where you can see the last location of your Pager Tag.. The only thing I did see a fault with is if you loose you phone too! Then you can’t login  to find your keys either! Maybe buy an extra one for your phone too and pair it with your partner/ friends phone?! I’m not sure!

A really good feature of the linked app is tgat you can add lots of pager tags and add photo of what they are connected to. So for example you could one on your keys, one in your purse, one on your work lanyard etc then add a photo of the object so you know which is which. I think i may buy another one to attach to ny lanyard as it quite often is misplaced or hidden in the depths of my bag!

I also need to add that the battery indicator is low in my pictures – this is after using the product constantly for the past nearly 2 months!








2 thoughts on “Beets BLU Pager Tag review

  1. This sounds like a fab idea & something I might need! Heard to the whistle ones before but as I can’t whistle they would be no use, but one linked to my phone sounds fab!x


    1. It is really useful! Randomly since I have had O I can’t whistle anymore….not sure why…maybe too tired? ! Haha mummy brain doesn’t help with keys either and I am so organised. Apart from keys, phone and purse!


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