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Asking the God Parents!

Last weekend I had lots of fun! We decided who we were going to have as God Parents for O! It wasn’t really that hard to be honest, we have:-

Uncle M

Who has been friends with J for years and comes round twice a week for a visit. He has also helped us move about 6 times and often gets dragged into helping J make something for the house! He truly is the best friend anyone could ask for, I don’t think we could ever thank him enough for all he has done throughout the years. He was also best Man at our wedding J I know that M will be there for O just like he has for J and I.


Aunty Ju

Aunty Ju and I used to work together at my last school. The first year she was my NQT/PPA cover and the 2 days a week in the other 3/4 class. At our wedding Ju and her lovely husband drove my Dad and I to our wedding venue in their beautiful car. Ju is another amazing friend, she has always been there for me no matter what she is an AMAZING listener and always gives fantastic advice. I am hoping that When O is old enough she will be able to pass her wisdom on to him, she has a very open way of viewing the world and I know that if O ever had a problem she would be there straight away no judging just ready to help and support in whatever way she could.


Aunty S and Uncle A

Aunty S is J’s older sister and Uncle A is her husband.  As an older sister S helped to look after J when he was little and is always there for us. Both S and A are lovely people and I wish we could see them more as we love spending time with them and always have a great time. Since O has been born we have seen them a lot more and even visited the zoo with them! So fingers crossed this will keep happening. Once again I know that S and A would do anything for O and he would be in safe hands with them, they are both very intelligent people and I believe they would push O to follow his dreams and be the best that he could be.


As you can see our decision wasn’t very hard at all! Once the decision had been made J was ready to text or call and ask….I nearly keeled over! Does my husband not know me AT ALL?! I started sketching ideas of ways to ask them and J just laughed and rolled his eyes, with an oh dear… she is off again smile.


I loved making my little boxes and I hope the God Parents enjoyed opening them, luckily they all said yes! So next job is to plan and organise the Christening!


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