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First Aid Training

Today I did a course for first aid. As a Primary School teacher I feel very responsible for the little people in my care and haven’t had the chance to attend a course for a few years.

Now having O, J and I both thought it was important to have some general first aid knowledge just in case. We attended our local 139 club training together when O was less than a month old and it was a really good session. We both left the session feeling a lot more confident, O is just over 9 months old now and my local sure start centre were advertising first aid courses. Thinking back to my previous course I couldn’t really remember all of it – probably due to the sleep deprivation of having a little person! So I put my name down for the session and attended it today 🙂

The course was only 3 hours long but it was a really good refresher for CPR and what to do if your child / baby chokes. We had dummies to practise on and even used little objects in the Baby Annie to simulate the Baby choking ( you really do have to hit hard!). Leaving the session I felt a lot more confident in caring for O in general but also to take care of the little people in my class.


I think it is a really important skill for everyone to know especially new parents and family who may be looking after your precious little bundle/s of joy. The thought of something happening and you don’t know what to do? Not worth thinking about… although hopefully I will never have to put these new skills into practice in a real life situation. I think I am going to try and redo it every few years to refresh my skills and will recommend that Nanny and Grandad attend a course to help them feel more confident.


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