Starting to feel pretty again…

I have never been a girl that has worn a lot of make up, Just mascara, lip gloss and concealer and that was it! If I was going out for a special occasion I may possibly put on some eye-liner maybe push the boat out and put on some eye shadow!! I have never felt pretty and secretly envied those girls who could apply make-up perfectly and create a beautiful hair style but, I never had the time/ the skill to do it.

On our honeymoon we would spend the day sunbathing, swimming, snorkelling and just relaxing then I would have a shower ready for dinner.  I would put on a little bit of make-up but, never have time / be too hot to dry/straighten my hair. When we were sat at dinner I would see all the other girls looking like they had just stepped off the catwalk and feel bad for J having to sit with me who looked like I had just been dragged through a hedge backwards! Please don’t think I felt pressure from J to look like the other girls, I really didn’t! He even said he was glad I didn’t as he thought I was beautiful and didn’t need make up at all (awwww!). He also commented that the time the other girls probably spent getting ready was time that we had spent together walking along the beach or playing a game etc which he would prefer to sitting on his own or watching me get ready.  This did make me feel better and I pushed the thought to the back of my mind again.


A year later and O was born! One again I felt yucky and didn’t feel pretty – lack of sleep and constant cluster feeding has a way of doing this! Now the first few months I was lucky to get a brush though my hair let alone look in a mirror! So the thoughts kept being pushed back. When O was about 6 months old I started seeing Youniuqe being advertised and started looking into it, could this be what I needed? Being paid to wear make up? There were lots of videos and posts about women earning lots of money and being financially independent’. I started looking at it more in-depth and spoke to J about it as there was a join up fee, he said he would support me with it…but… he didn’t like the idea of it as what would happen if people stopped buying or my customers used different ‘presenters’ because their friend joined or they found someone closer to buy from. I then started to get added to lots of groups and ’parties’ or having ‘friend’ request from people I didn’t know who would them be trying to sell me products – I know this is not the way a lot of honest presenters operate but a minority seem to try and add as many people in a day without being put in ‘Facebook Jail’! I decided not to join up as well the main thing being the fact I don’t think I would have the time to make it successful. Some of my friends are successful presenters and am so proud of them but I know it takes a lot of hard work if you want to make money.

J could see that I was starting to get a bit down so suggested that for valentines day we go into town a I could get  make over and then possibly buy a few bits as  joint valentines and birthday present. I kept refusing as we didn’t have the money and then J basically manhandled me into the chair at House Of Fraser.  I have always been a YSL girl but the lady wasn’t around and the Lancome make up didn’t seem to badly priced. 30 minutes later I had a fantastic demo from the rep about all the different products and had my makeover complete!  The rep said for me to go for my meal and see how the make-up felt before I bought any, which I did. The make-up felt very light and my skin felt lovely and moisturised.

I have now been wearing the make up for 3/4 months and I love it I even got vouchers for my birthday so that I could buy more! I feel so much more confident now and my skin feels a lot better – more hydrated and fuller. It also made me feel good when I went to visit my grandparents and my Nan said, ‘your great grandmother used to wear Lancome, she used to swear by the stuff!’ So maybe there is a family connection there?!


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