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Christening Invites

I have to say so far I am really enjoying getting ready for the christening as I am getting to be creative again! I couldn’t decide what I wanted for the invites and yet again J suggested we called everyone or sent an email as it was quicker! Nope! Sorry!

This weekend I stared designing my invites had all my equipment ready and was going to show J how quick it would be! I had a few hours to myself as J and O had gone to visit Nanny, Grandad, Aunty S and Uncle A so I wanted to be mainly done by the time they got home…HAHA!

Did I really think it would all go so smoothly? I should have known really! I had some lovely left over kraft card which I had planned to use…unfortunately our new printer decided it wouldn’t print onto it… I was about to throw the printer out of the window by the time O and J got home! I then sent about trying to create a new invite…I wasn’t happy with anything, they didn’t match up to what was in my head.

Eventually I returned back to my original design but, admitted defeat on the Kraft card and with Ivory card (a lot thinner). I am happy with my designs now as the theme is blue and yellow anyway!


That’s another thing ticked off my Christening To Do list!


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