Longleat Safari

As O’s first holiday we went to visit my Nan and Grandad in the Isle of man a week or so later O went on his second holiday (lucky boy that he is!) to Longleat.

As I am a teacher we decided to take advantage of my maternity leave and book a long weekend away with our friends and not have to pay the massive prices! Our friends also have a little boy who is two so we decided to go together and then split the villa between both families.

We met our friends at Tesco and did a BIG shop – or rather the Men did a big shop of meat and junk food while my friend and I entertained the little boys and complained at how there was not fruit and veg going into the trolley (I was able to sneak in some bananas!). we then set off on our 3 hour journey, O was very good, he slept most of the way and din’t even complain when we stopped off for a bit and then go back in the car!

we LOVED our villa at Longleat and both boys loved the Ducks O would squeal when they came up to the patio door bless him, he loves animals!

On the Saturday we went to Longleat and used our Tesco Clubcard vouchers to get cheaper tickets (well worth it!) Before going we had looked up the safari and decided to drive the car through so that O and H could experience the animals close up and probably on the car! Well how true was that… we entered the Monkey area and they had a whale of a time climbing all over the car and swinging off the wing mirrors! Before we went in I suggested to J about removing the Ariel – glad I did as we watched one very inquisitive monkey pulling the one off the car ahead of us!20160319_115330

O was fascinated by these strange monkey things climbing all over our car and wouldn’t take his eyes off of them, it was definitely his fave part of the day, bless him! Now unfortunately one of the darling little monkeys did decide to pull out my windscreen seal and have a good chew on it… luckily it didn’t break and we were able to put it back in but just be aware they will chew your car! You can see all the bits of car around their enclosure… one car ahead of us had their rear wiper pulled off and their car badge, they made a hasty exit out before they had no car left…


It was lovely to enclosures and see all the animals up close especially the lions they are such beautiful animals, they did pay attention to one car in particular and start trying to eat their wheels but they had try to cut everyone up during the safari so we saw it as Karma, the rangers zoomed in and saved the little car but he was a lot more careful after that- who tries to overtake in a lion enclosure anyway?!


After the Safari we left the car behind and went for lunch, after Lunch our friends went back to the villa as little H was getting tired and they didn’t have a prams for him. Which meant it was just our little family left behind. O was in his Connecta so he had a good and was kept nice and tastier with his Bundle Bean over the top – Mummy was also kept nice and toasty! He enjoyed walking through the penguin enclosure but unfortunately was fast asleep during the Parakeet walk – he loves watching Birdies!


At the end of the day we went to the little shop to buy a souvenir for O we found the VERY last little monkey like the ones that had crawled over our car in the Morning and O squealed in delight! He is now his best friend and gets chosen over all the other toys for cuddles!


I have to say we were very impressed with the zoo and safari and will definitely be back again when little Man is a bit bigger.





Stonehenge on our way home 🙂


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