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My Jamberry Samples

I’m Sure a lot of you have seen the new company doing the rounds Jamberry? It is company that started in America and is now making it’s way to the UK. It is similar to but not the same as Younique.

I love doing my nails but unfortunatey I am

A) Not very good at doing them

B) NEVER get the time!

C) get sooooo fed up of them when I end up with chipped nails like 5 mins after I have painted them!

So when I saw this company being advertised I was very interested in the product so sent off for some samples. At this time I was also stating to get ready to go back to work so the appeal of not having to return and work from home was very appealing – more huggles with O!

I started talking to a fantastic rep – Charlotte May about the products whilst I waited for my samples to arrive and she was lovely (click here to view her page) and is now a Lead Team consultant!!

But, unfortunately I decided not to sign up purely due to the fact I don’t think I would have the time to dedicated to the business properly. Being a teacher I don’t get alot of time to relax any way – it is a job where you are NEVER done! There is always SOMETHING that you could do no matter how much you work. With O as well it would mean i would have to sacrifice something which would probably be mine and J’s time together which we hardly get anyway due to the fact that when I take O to bed I normally flake out next to him! OPPS!

So this is an independent review really as I am not part of the company!

Anyway! Back to the Jams!


At first look I thought they looked like quite cheap stickers and was quite disappointed but, I decided to go ahead and try them out anyway! I read the instructions and got all of my equipment ready to go. Now at this point O was quite happily sitting on the floor playing for a few minutes so I thought let’s see how easy these things really I!

I was very pleasantly surprised – after cutting the wrap to the correct size for your nail bed you heat them up for a few secs using the hair-dryer and then place the Jam on your nail. Press firmly in the middle and then smooth the wrap out each time from the middle of the nail outwards, then apply the hair dryer again and repeat your smoothing – et volia! after completing two O started to fuss and wanted Mummy cuddles…I was able to pick him up straight away and play with him without having to worry about wet nail varnish smudging or getting it on him ( not sure he would appreciate that!). After 20 mins or so I was able to carry on where I left off – this is my first hand completed whilst looking after a little person – not the best but I am impressed!




Here is my second hand done a few hours later…a lot better.

I kept my Jams on for a week or so and they lasted well and didn’t lift or rip at all. The reason I took them off was due to starting my new job – I wasn’t sure it would be a good look going in with miss matching nails?!


I am planning on putting on my new set of Jams that I won during the Jamberry launch in the next few days so I will post how I get on with those soon!!


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