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My review of the Beets Blu Heart rate monitor

For some reason this post didn’t go live when it should have, so apologies for that! In light of that I have updated some of the photos and added a few bits to my review to make it more up to date!


When I received the heart rate monitor to review I was just about to start going back to work, now that would mean less time to test it out. But, I really wanted to get on top of my fitness when I went back to work as I was used to walking daily with O in the sling or in the push chair.  Having to review the product also meant I had to do it!!


So the first time I put it on I was on my way to the local library with a friend to get some new books and was a bit worried that it would show underneath my top, but it was really smooth and not noticeable! It was also really comfy, previous heart rate monitors that I had worn made me feel a bit uncomfortable and I started to feel really hot and sticky.

The monitor doesn’t start working until it has been clipped together and then you can review your progress on the handy app. as you can see in the picture after the activity it shows you your progress on a clear graph and tells you your average heart rate for the activity duration. Screenshot_2016-07-10-22-19-00

During the activity you can set an alarm on the app if your heart rate rises or drops to a certain level, also if there is no data being transmitted. If you have the beets blu scales you can also link it with your app and compare your activity vs your weight. I have not put a photo of this up as I don’t personally have any scales to even enter my weight manually ( they broke a while back and I am still to replace!oops!)  If you have a Pebble Smart watch you can also link it up. Other useful features are it allows you input your resting heart rate, you can decide how you want your ‘zones’ calculated ( a bit tooooo technical for me but others may fin that useful?!)  You can also customise your zones in the settings section.

I have now used this heart rate monitor at least twice a week and I have found it really useful to keep track of my activity and help with weight loss, it has been worn on walks, to baby shake wiggle and giggle (now that is a work out!), to the shops, during lessons I have taught at school ( I now don’t just demonstrate I take part and do the same as the kids – when I can!)

When I finally get some scales I will update my review to show how you can compare your weight and your the activity tracking.



I received this heart rate monitor to review from Beets BLU but this review is a true reflection of my own thoughts on the monitor.



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