Who’s Who on the blog!



I am in my late twenties and have just had my first child. I love creating hand made projects for my home, classroom or as gifts for people I care about.

I have been a teacher for 6 years and love every minute of it! I enjoying creating resources both for teaching the children and to make my classroom exciting and hopefully a bit more 3d and interactive. I will share a few bits that I have made for my classroom with tutorials for people to view if they wish.

In August my life change for the better – I had my first child. Who I am currently spending all my time with on maternity leave! I am hoping to share the ways in which my life has changed and write tips  / product reviews to help other new Mum’s and Dad’s on their journey into parenthood.


J – My Husband

My Husband and I have been together for over 5 years and he is my best friend – he knows how to calm me down when I am in one of my ‘wifey  / Mummy meltdowns (the kitchen hasn’t been cleaned and we have guests visiting!)‘ and helps me to see the good in myself! Since we found out that we were expecting our little man he has been getting his hands dirty and becoming a D.I.Y expert. Anything D.I.Y on here will be his handy work!

J loves to read books and watch films most of our house is taken over with his books or DVD’s! He is a keen Terry Pratchett reader and I think has everything he has written for the Disc World!

me and j

O – My Baby Boy

He came into our life and turned our world upside down – but for the better! It seems funny to think of our life without him, it feels like he has been here forever! He give unconditional love and is teaching me to take life a lot slower and to treasure every moment.

The House Rabbits!



Pebbles is our 3 year old Male Bunny. He is slightly O.C.D and rather lazy! He is a house Rabbit but goes out in the garden with his Wife on sunny / Warm days, He loves food and also has selective hearing! The first year that we had Pebbles he lived on his own with us, he was happy enough but we decided to get him a friend as then he would have someone to keep him company while me and my Husband were at work.


Floppsy is our rescue Rabbit. We think she is about 4 years old and was found hopping in the fields near a local RSPCA home ( being Black and White it was VERY lucky that a passing fox didn’t find her first!). Floppsy loves hugs and is a lot more adventurous than her husbun Pebbles. She gets scared quite easily and hates spending a long time in the garden – the slightest bit of wind scares her!

bunnies 2


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